TV Wall Mounts Made Simple,

Showcasing a near effortless installation process and a complete compatibility range that covers any sized TV, the Level Mount product greatly distinguishes itself as a premier solution in offering owners an intuitive and altogether reliable approach to enhancing the television watching experience. Do-It-Yourself Wall Mounts and Specialty Mounts designed by the Level Mount brand feature an extraordinary amount of style and innovation. Utilizing the very best in cast aluminum alloy, Level Mount products assure the maximum in peace of mind and are guaranteed to fit any TV. In the following article, we'll be focusing on the Level Mount Difference and how a Level Mount can be instrumental in securing the ideal TV setup.

Guaranteed to Fit & Includes an Integrated Bubble Level

All Wall Mounts and Specialty Mounts designed by the Level Mount brand are VESA compliant. Level Mount also includes adapter plates or extender arms in all of its products to support non-VESA compliant TV's as well. Consumer favorites such as Samsung, Sony, LG and a myriad of other television brands are all readily compatible with Level Mount. The entirety of the Level Mount collection features a seamless approach to installation. All Level Mount products feature a simple to use Integrated Bubble Level. This addition greatly assists owners in properly measuring and mounting the back plate of their Level Mount. Featuring no shortage of compatible and accessible options, the Level Mount can easily be applied to any TV.

Simple, Sturdy Design for Easy Installation

Level Mounts include a unique 2 piece design that simplifies the installation of a wall plate. This inclusion also allows owners the added flexibility of moving their TV from one area to the next with the purchase of an additional Level Mount wall plate. Not only does this open a wealth of interior options to explore, owners will now have the flexibility to transfer their television outside. Customers can now entertain inside or outside by simply moving their TV from one room to the other with increased ease.

Lifetime Warranty with a Protection Plan

For the original purchaser only, in addition to our Lifetime Limited Warranty, Elexa Consumer Products, Inc. (ECP) will pay the cost of repair or replacement of any property damaged as a result of failure of this product to perform as specified as a result of defective parts or faulty workmanship, up to two thousand dollars for any ECP single stud mount and below ($2,000.00) and up to five thousand dollars for any ECP non single stud mount ($5,000.00), including all taxes, freight and other ancillary costs of repair or replacement. This Protection Guarantee applies only to property damage as a result of defective parts or faulty workmanship, and does not apply to damage resulting from faulty installation (including but not limited to failure to install in accordance with all instructions), abnormal use, misuse, mishandling, neglect, accident, weather, acts of God or tampering with the product. ECP will determine, in its sole discretion, whether to repair or replace damaged property, and reserves the right to require the use of specified service professionals to make repairs. Level Mount also offers an industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty on all non-motorized mounts and a One year Limited Warranty on all motorized mounts. The Level Mount Warranty is further bolstered with the inclusion of its world class Protection Policy that ensures complete customer satisfaction.

The Perfect Solution for Any TV Wall Mounting Project

When it comes to completely revolutionizing the way consumers watch and interact with their TV's, the Level Mount brand has incorporated all of the strengths and versatility needed to acquire that ideal viewing experience. For additional information, please visit the Level Mount FAQ Page.