Level Mount: How To Determine What TV Wall Mount To Buy

Selecting the appropriate TV Wall Mount can present a challenge for the uninformed consumer. There are a series of attributes associated with each particular make of Wall Mount that greatly distinguishes one model from the next. Full Motion Mounts will allow owners to adjust their television in the direction of their choosing, whereas Fixed Mounts will securely lock TV's against a flat surface. Titling Mounts are constructed similarly to Fixed Mounts, but carry the added capacity of being able to maneuver in an upward or downward direction. Cantilever Mounts offer a similar amount of flexibility that can be found in Full Motion Mounts, but bolster the amount of options available for owners by increasing strength and compatibility range. There's also Motorized Mounts that allow owners to control which direction their television faces. The Level Mount Store includes all of these Wall Mounts in a collection of varying sizes that can accommodate nearly any television.

One of the most important aspects of owning a Level Mount TV Wall Mount is determining your preferred amount of level adjustment. The availability of Level Mount TV Wall Mounts such as the Level Mount HE600FT Tilt-able VESA TV Wall Mount for 37-100 Inch TVs up to 200 LBS affords owners the added luxury of being able to choose between a fixed or tilted position when setting up their television. Full Motion Mounts such as the Level Mount DC37DJ Full Motion Dual Arm VESA TV Wall Mount for 10-50 Inch TVs up to 70 LBS feature extension arms and will allow owners to swivel, tilt and extend their television sets in the direction of their choosing. Having the ability to maneuver a TV's direction will open a significant amount of viewing options for owners to explore.

For many, the prioritization of a Wall Mount that will securely fasten their television to a wall in a fixed position will be essential. The Level Mount XL Screen Low Profile Fixed TV Wall Mount for 37-85 Inch TVs up to 200 LBS - HE800F provides that much sought after "built in"appearance. Designed to accommodate any 37 to 85" flat panel TV weighing in excess of 200 pounds, this Level Mount makes an excellent fixture for any number of settings. The Level Mount NT65MC Cantilever VESA TV Wall Mount for 26-100 Inch TVs up to 150 LBS is another welcomed addition that combines superior strength and flexibility. Similarly constructed to the aforementioned Level Mount TV Wall Mount, this model allows for even more viewing options as it’s capable of swiveling and tilting.

TV Wall Mounts designed by the Level Mount brand are a non-intrusive solution to enhancing your overall television watching experience. Not only do TV Wall Mounts provide owners with the definitive answer to maximizing the area surrounding their television, they utilize a do-it-yourself approach that renders the installation process a near effortless one.